Project - Navi Mumbai International Airport

NMIA is one of the world’s largest ”greenfield”state-of-the-art international airports, currently proposed for development, offering world-class facilities for passengers, cargo, aircrafts and airlines.

The proposed second airport for Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) is located at Navi Mumbai for several reasons. Prominent among them is the fact that Navi Mumbai is expected to cater for the future growth in population, business and commercial activities of MMR.

The availability of excellent physical and social infrastructure coupled with an environment-friendly site with least resettlement and rehabilitation makes the Navi Mumbai Airport project both technically feasible and financially viable.

The Airport master plan will be developed in modules, operated and managed to internationally recognised standards. The design and development of high quality facilities will provide enhanced service to passengers, airlines and other customers.

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NMIA Project Study

A number of studies have been undertaken in connection with the NMIA project at different stages of its planning. Some of the important completed studies are:


1. The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Study to obtain Environmental and CRZ Clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF)

2. Preparation of master plan for NMIA to cater to an ultimate capacity of 60 million passengers per annum

3. Preparation of regional and local connectivity plan for NMIA to provide quick and reliable multi-modal connectivity.

Some of the important ongoing studies/works are:

1. Development of master plan for drainage and flood control for the Airport and surrounding areas

2. Implementation Scheme for land development of Airport site by cutting of hill in the Airport area

3. Preparation of plan for development of Mangrove park on Waghivali island

4. Preparation of Risk Assessment and Disaster Management Plan for Airport

5. Avian Fauna studies to ensure safe aircraft operations and also for preserving the Avian habitats.

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Latest news & Updates from CIDCO

Current Status

The project has approval of Union and State Government. All the clearances except Forest clearance have been obtained. Draft RFQ bidding documents are being finalised and efforts are being made to commence Phase-I of Airport by 2015.

Recent Milestones

  • Dec. 2011: Revenue Dept., GoM transferred about 245 Ha. of land to CIDCO for NMIA. About 154 Ha. of land belonging to various Govt. Dept. is being transferred to CIDCO for the NMIA project.
  • Dec. 2011: The Project Monitoring Committee, GoM at its 2nd Meeting held on 15th December 2011 at Nagpur, gave in-principle approval to the draft Request for Qualification (RFQ) Document for NMIA.
  • Jan 2012: Draft Request for Proposal (RFQ) for NMIA Project was presented to Steering Committee, NMIA in its 8th meeting held in New Delhi
  • March 2012: GoM sent letter to MoCA requesting that the NMIA project be transferred to the State Govt. by considering under the Greenfield Airport Policy, 2008 to fast track the project approval mechanism.
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