The Boys Are in Town

London escorts like can’t wait until the bad boys come into town. Both the months of July and August see an influx of Middle Eastern visitors to London. Some of them are real bad boys, and London escorts just love them. Not only do they have a lot of money to spend, but they have some really quirky funny ways which escorts just love.

First of all, London escorts love the Middle Eastern bad boys as they shower them with amazing gifts. They get some really beautiful jewelry bought in the souks of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. London escorts are not any different from any other women around the world. The girls lobe to receive gifts and it is absolutely true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

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London escorts also love the fact that all the Middle Eastern bad boys bring their super cars. Their cars are clearly very important to them, and they are shipped over from Dubai by plane and arrive on the streets of London. Middle Eastern bad boys love showing off their cars, and seem to have an endless stream of them. Okay, London escorts are not really into cars, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like going in them.

The Middle Eastern bad boys always book the best apartments or hotel suites for their entourage. Yes, one where there is one, there is often a crowd of them. Away from their home countries, Middle Eastern boys behave totally differently and what Allah says about alcohol seems to go out of the window. They start to drink and some of the parties that they have are legendary and talk about for the entire summer season.

London escorts say that whenever they do outcalls to Middle Eastern dates during the summer, they know they are going to get served champagne and some really nice exotic food. It seems like these Middle Eastern bad boys just like to spend the summer in London totally letting go of themselves, and their strict Muslim upbringing quickly goes out the window.

Fortunately for most London escorts, the Middle Eastern Bad Boys League, as they are called all speak English. They have all been educated abroad or in some of the best English speaking schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so let’s say that very little gets lost in translation.

However, in recent years there has been a demand for Middle Eastern speaking male escorts. It seems that many young Middle Eastern ladies have discovered the beauty of being able to be escorted around London by a couple of handsome local lads. Some of the girls do not speak English but some enterprising local guys have taught themselves Middle Easternic. According to many of their accounts, the Middle Eastern ladies are just as wild as the boys and some of them are even crazier.

The girls have just as much many as the boys, and love going on shopping sprees. One of their favorite things is to treat their boys to shopping at one of the many exclusive London departments stores, and they also like to take them out to show them off in many of London’s top night spots.

So next time you visit London in July and August be aware that the Middle Eastern bad boys are out and about.

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